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VAT Links (HMRC)

General Information

Register for VAT

Deregister for VAT

VAT Flat Rate Scheme

VAT Cash Accounting Scheme

VAT Annual Accounting Scheme

Paying your VAT bill

VAT Returns


Self Assessment Links (HMRC)

General Information

Register as self employed (CWF1)

Register as required to complete a Tax return (SA1)

Authorising your Agent (64-8)

Self-employment forms and helpsheets

Paying your Self Assessment tax bill

Income Tax rates and allowances


Corporation Tax (HMRC)

General Information

Corporation Tax Rates

Paying your Corporation Tax bill


PAYE & Payroll for Employers (HMRC)

General Information

Running a payroll

National Insurance rates and categories

Annual reporting and tasks

The National Minimum Wage


Companies House

General Information


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